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BuryILD As your Support Provider

If you are interested in BuryILD as your choice of support provider, please contact us. We are happy to be approached by an individual, their family, friends or carers.

Step 01

Get to know us The first step is about you getting to know more about BuryILD and for us to understand your needs and discuss how BuryILD might be able to help. This can be achieved by us visiting you at your home, by you visiting our office, or any other place of your choosing, wherever you feel most comfortable.

Support in 5 simple steps

Step 02

Care Assessment Step two, if you are happy to proceed, is to obtain a formal care assessment to determine more specifically the individual’s needs. This is done through a ‘community care assessment’ from Bury Adult Care Services (BACS A community care assessment will detail the help you may need with: –

  • Personal care
  • Domestic tasks
  • Getting around
  • Social activities etc.

At this stage you would need to tell BACS your preferred service provider will be BuryILD otherwise they may choose a provider for you which might not be BuryILD.

If appropriate you can also ask for a carer’s assessment at this time, especially if your carer is elderly. Assessing your need is BACS responsibility but BuryILD can support you in approaching them by:-

  • Explaining how funding packages are put together.
  • Helping to check that all your benefit entitlements are being claimed.
  • Advising on different ways of finding accommodation if necessary.
  • Putting you in touch with other families that use BuryILD so that you can ask questions of people in the same position as you and benefit from their experience.

Step 03

Apply for funding Once your needs have been identified, Step three is to put a funding package together, possibly from more than one funding agency. This is typically a time consuming process for which patience and persistence is needed. BuryILD can help and support you through this process BuryILD will support applications for funding but are unable to provide a supported living service until a funding package has been agreed and a contract with BACS (Bury Adult Care Services) or, in the case of Self-Directed Services, the individual concerned, is in place.

Step 04

Plan and tailor the support needed Once the funding package is in place, we meet to discuss and agree with families the exact type of support needed, and the best way to introduce that support ensuring at all times that the individual concerned is involved and happy. If an individual is living in the family home but looking to move into their own home, BuryILD can, and indeed often does, begin to provide support while the search for suitable accommodation is underway. Support services for individuals choosing to remain in the family home can also be provided.

BuryILD will recruit a staff team who value respect and care for the Individual they support with the appropriate skills and experiences. The recruitment process always involves the supported Individua. It is crucial that the individual is entirely comfortable with their support staff and the staff must know and understand the Supported Individual to be able to do their job effectively and to reach the high standards demanded.

Each person will have a regular staff team. Staffing plans are carefully designed so that the individual will always have a familiar staff member to support them. On the rare occasions when BuryILD have to cover staff, e.g. for staff holidays or absences for illness we will only use staff who have previously been inducted into the team on shadow shifts with a regular member. At BuryILD we understand that living an independent life is a major change in anyone’s life particularly for someone with a learning disability, we therefore place the utmost importance on making sure the support is carefully planned and tailored for each individual.

Step 05

Decision at any point in the above process you are free to change your mind as to who your support provider should be. Only when all the above steps have been completed will you be committed to use BuryILD. We are confident that as we guide and assist you through the above process, you will be happy with BuryILD and the professional and caring service we offer. If so, then let’s put the support plan into action and take those steps to make the dream of independent living a reality.

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