What People say about us!

Family Members

“My brother has been supported in his own home by BuryILD for over 20 years.  He relies on his staff for all aspects of his care and his team consistently provide good and compassionate care for him.  Because of their support he is able to lead a happy and fulfilled life, enjoying trips to karaoke nights, football matches, holidays with friends and spa retreats”. (CP)

“Our son is supported by BuryILD and has been for the past eleven years. We have seen him move from our care into a situation of independent living and have seen him develop and extend his interests and activities over the past years. He is supported by an experienced team who not only consider his wishes but also suggest areas for further interest.” (I & WE)

“Thank you so much for organising our sons ‘Rave’, you threw yourself into it with such gusto, you truly gave everyone a night full of memories that we shall always hold dear.  We have no words to say how much we appreciate it.” (SS)

“Thank you so much for looking after me whilst my stay in Bury.  You are all amazing carers and lovely people (even the blue’s fans) I hope I have this pleasure again and look forward to seeing you all again.” (AI)

Supported People

Supported Living Staff

‘I love my job at BuryILD, because I love what I do, I can see beyond a tough day or unexpected turn.  My company genuinely care about the people we support and the staff that work hard to achieve great care and want the best experience for both. They are true to their word.  I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be innovative… and if it doesn’t work out I’m supported to learn a lesson, dust myself off and try again. There is always something to laugh about every single day. Laughing is good for my soul and psychological wellbeing.  I love the people I work with across the company. I work with some awesome, talented, funny and dedicated staff.  On a day-to-day basis there is always a sense we are working towards a great, achievable service provision and I proudly see us making strides towards it every day and making it reality.  Every day is different challenging and of course exciting.  No two days are the same.’ MF

‘Because it doesn’t feel like a job its more than that, it’s a great place to be.  It has given me confidence to be able to give the people we support a good crack at life. Each day is different, and every day is an absolute pleasure I have built a good rapport with my team members and I enjoy working with everyone and we share experiences and knowledge. I can be open and honest with my boss and feel she can with me. What’s not to like?!! ‘ DR

‘I like working at BuryILD especially the individuals I am supporting.   Seeing them smiling laughing and engaging in day today activities they enjoy doing. Which is very endearing and brings a warm sense of satisfaction to me, knowing they can follow the dreams and aspirations.’ BW

“What I love about working at BURYILD is the great team I’m working with which gives me the feeling of belonging, I don’t feel like an outsider even though I come from a different cultural background, the equality and diversity is well practiced”.  VR

‘I enjoy being able to work at a few different services within the organisation.  I love going out on long trips with one of the supported people and helping him to access new places and get the much-needed exercise he requires to stay healthy and mobile.  I love knowing what to do when I’m at my main place of work and that it runs like a well-oiled machine’ ZR

Community Support Staff

“I am glad I came to work for Bury ILD they are a good company to work for.  They are very passionate about their roles in supporting individuals to live as independently as they possible can.  They provide up to date training and courses for all their staff and are always there to support them.” LH

‘I love the difference we make to the supported people’s lives by promoting their independence and helping them to be fulfilled.’ LE

Contact Leisure Volunteers

‘When I first volunteered I thought I would be giving something to the members – a one direction thing. Now I know it’s a two-way thing – and I get much more from the members than I can put in.’  AR

‘It’s a great way of meeting people. The other helpers are great and the people we work with are friendly and have a love of life. They deserve opportunities to enjoy themselves and try different activities.’ ST