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Work for BuryILD

Within BuryILD, we employ at several different levels: –

General Manager who is responsible for implementing the requirements and policies determined by the trustees. They are responsible for ensuring good quality outcomes, the day to day running of the business and liaison with appropriate external authorities.

Support Managers who manage a small number of teams and are responsible for co-ordination within teams, liaison with family members, ensuring the quality of the support continues to match changing requirements as individuals grow and develop.

Support Workers who provide the necessary day to day support for individuals. These posts can range from part-time to full-time depending on the need of the service.

Bank Staff who work on a more casual basis (though still assigned to individual teams). They provide cover for absences, holidays, etc. Over many years, BuryILD has found that recruitment through the bank staff system provides a great way of introducing support workers to individuals via shadow shifts within the support team.

The benefit of working for BuryILD includes:

  • The chance to make a real difference to the quality of life for someone with learning disabilities.
  • Competitive rates of pay.
  • Opportunities for training and career development.
  • Be part of a great team.

Get Involved

Contact Leisure is a charity that organises and runs social events for adults with learning disabilities

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About Us

Bury Independent Living Development (BuryILD) is a charity that provides help and care for adults with learning disabilities to live independently in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury and the bordering area.

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What We Do

BuryILD, including Contact Leisure division, run several events across the year or attends events

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Your Support

The more donations we can receive the better quality and variety of leisure activities we can provide to our members who have learning disabilities.

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